About Myself
I've always been drawn to photography as a way to uncover my preconceptions and trends in my life, and as a way to tell stories. My favorite works of art invite the viewer to ask questions and make up their own stories, and that's something I work towards, both in my landscape photography and in my other projects.

After studying design at San Jose State and film and animation at San Francisco State University, I entered the film effects industry at Tippett Studio in Berkeley in 1997. Since then I've been to New Zealand as an animator on the Lord of the Rings films, was an animation supervisor at Rhythm & Hues in Los Angeles, and now work at Valve Software in Seattle, WA.

Empty L.A.
In 2009, I submitted a book of a series of photographs depicting an uninhabited Los Angeles called "Empty L.A." to a book contest at www.blurb.com. You can buy the book here. I won an honorable mention and the book was featured on several sites, among them:
AfterCapture Magazine
LA Times
LA Times Architecture column by Christopher Hawthorne
Three Guys One Book
Interview on Science Fictional

Prints from Empty L.A. and from the images on this website are available.
Just click the "buy" link on the image's page (while viewing it in the gallery) to purchase prints. The images are of various aspect ratios, and I will attempt to fill as much space as I can with the image in your print, while leaving a white border for presentation and signing.

Please keep in mind that I do have a time-intensive day job and your print may take a few weeks to get ready for you.

About my equipment
To me, equipment is a means to an end, I'm not that sentimental about things. The panoramic format feels the most comfortable to me.

To be as mobile as possible when I travel, I've been using a 35mm Fuji TX-1 with the 45mm lens and a center filter.  I also use a Noblex medium-format panorama camera, as well as a 4x5 camera with a 6x12 rollfilm back when I want a more formal look. I use color negative film. My digital camera of choice is a Canon 5D Mk II with 17-40mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm lenses.