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Eastern KazakhstanEastern KazakhstanEvening camp, Eastern KazakhstanMorning, Group Camp, Eastern KazakhstanEvening, Eastern KazakhstanGroup riding over mountain pass, Eastern KazakhstanHorses descending mountain pass, Eastern KazakhstanView to the bottom of mountain pass, Eastern KazakhstanMorning, Eastern KazakhstanMountain Pass, Eastern KazakhstanEastern KazakhstanMorning, Eastern KazakhstanMorning, Eastern KazakhstanEastern KazakhstanRiders at a mountain pass, Eastern KazakhstanRiders at a mountain pass, Eastern KazakhstanMeadow, Eastern KazakhstanEastern KazakhstanEagle, Eastern KazakhstanLake Marayel, Eastern Kazakhstan